Monday, November 28, 2016

Come CLEAN The House With Me, Before You Deck Your Halls...CLEANING PRODUCTS GALORE!

Christmas will be here in less than a month!  
It's INSANE how quickly time flies!  We just packed up all the "fall decor", this week and it's time to bring out the tupperware bins full of Christmas decorations and "deck the halls"!  
Soon, our house will smell like "freshly cut" pine tree and there will be the twinkling of colorful Christmas lights!  

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products.

But before you get out all those bins of festive decorations and ornaments, you might want to clean your house from top to bottom!  RIGHT?  A clean house is a happy house, after all!  I mean, if you hosted Thanksgiving, your house probably got worked over and needs a little TLC.  Besides, it just feels great to have a freshly cleaned home.  That way, when you get all the decorations up & out, you can enjoy it without having to clean later.  You'll especially want to clean if you're hosting any CHRISTMAS gatherings this year too!  Hosting events at your home always gives you a reason to clean.  Everyone will be impressed wth your shiny floors, clean toilets and extra clean dishes & counters.
I was so excited to receive a GIANT box full of  BRAND NEW Cleaning products from Cleaner Home Living by BUTLER , that carries brands like DAWN, EVERCARE, Love 2 Clean, Twist and Mr. Clean, so I can tell you guys all them!  Honestly, I have used products similiar to most of these before, so receiving a BRAND NEW replacement, right before Christmas arrives, was a gift in itself!  
We will start in the bathroom, where the grossest germs in our house like to live.  When eight people share the toilet in a home, you know it's not going to stay clean for long. To me, cleaning toilets is by far my least favorite chore.  Why?  Just think about it for a second and I bet you'll figure it out yourself.  I was delighted with these new "DAWN" Ultra Elite Premium gloves.  These are thick and awesome!  I seriously love them because I know that, no matter what I have to clean, it won't be touching my hands directly!  That's important, when I am scrubbing out the grossness that lives in the toilet.  And they are easy to clean after use, so you can use them over and over again!
Next, we'll stop in the kitchen!  With a family of 8, there is ALWAYS dishes to be cleaned, because someone is almost always eating something!   Because some of our pots and pans can't be put in the dishwasher, we love using a scrubber/soap dispenser type product to wash with.  This new "TWIST" Fillable Loofah Dishwand is awesome.  I filled it up with our Dawn Soap and scrubbed away the dirty pan we used to make breakfast!  It's natural, strong and even DYE FREE!  Our oldest daughter says it's awesome too, because you don't have to touch the sponge when you're scrubbing, so your hands stay clean and even dry.  As backup, I love using the Love 2 Clean "RADIAL" KITCHEN BRUSH.  This is perfect for using on non-stick cookware and also works great cleaning some stuck on food, especially on our pancake pan (that we use all the time).  Most of all, we use sponges constantly around here.  The Dawn Ultra Scrubtastic Non-Scratch Scrubber Sponges is different than the typical scrubber sponge.  It's firmer in cool water and softer in warm water and has a tapered side for cleaning tight spaces.  These work great on dinner plates and even brownie pans.
Next, we'll head to the tile floors, since this is something that needs cleaning often with kids & pets.  I love vacuuming (it's my favorite chore), but mopping is another one of the "least favorites" list.  Because of that, I love finding a mop that is not only easy to use, moves great on the floor and is also easy to clean & re-use.  Most mops are just awkward and gross!  I was delighted to try out the Mr. Clean BREEZE Self-Wringing Microfiber Mop.  This fits in the tightest places and works wet or dry.  Best of all, the pad can be cleaned in washing machine and used again, and is easily velcroed back on the mop.  It's a good thing, because apparently our floor in our home was dirty!  I haven't quite mastered the "self-wringing" part of the fact, I really couldn't figure it out (I even tried to find a youtube video for help), but I was able to use it without using the wringing mechanics of it.  Not as convenient, but it worked!
Next, we'll move to the family room, where dust seems to accumulate on everything.  Dusting is another chore that can be easily mastered with the right product.  This BUTLER Magnetic Duster is awesome.  I've used dusters like this before.  This wand like duster grabs ahold of dust and makes it disappear.  It's also hand washable, when needed!
It's time to head to the couch in our family room,  Because we have six kids and a long haired dog, lint and hair have a way of delicately covering our furniture.  Lucky for us, they have products like the EVERCARE "BelleVie! Extreme Stick" Lint Roller.  This thing is perfect for our family.  It has 50 easy peel sheets and it is super sticky, which means it grabs all the tiny pieces of lint and hair that have no business being on our furniture to begin with.  When you're finished rolling, you just peel and throw it away.  I kept the outer sheet, to cover it back up for storage and it's ready for the next time I need to de-pet hair our furniture or clothes.
Finally, we will end with our clothing!  In a house of eight, we tend to have some clothes that pill from washing.  You know what I'm talking about...that favorite Christmas sweater that you've washed and now it's all balled up from pilling...and you are tempted to toss it, because it's just not wearable anymore?  I have exciting news for you.  EVERCARE Sweater De-Piling Stone  that works miracles on sweaters with pills and fuzz.  I tried it on one of my sweaters and despite the mess (because it does pull off the pills and fuzz), it works great!  It made my sweater collar (where I tried it out) look almost brand new again!  AMAZING! 

I was highly impressed with all the Butler Products we received and they are all reasonably priced too!  CLICK HERE to learn more about them or where you can buy them in store, so you house is nice and squeaky clean for CHRISTMAS!  

Santa will visiting soon, and hopefully he will be excited to see your home so clean!  Who knows, maybe he'll put a little extra "something" in your stocking for a job well done!
Now I'm ready & the house is too...BRING ON CHRISTMASTIME!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!

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