Saturday, October 1, 2016

You're Gonna Want This - PERFECT PANCAKE PAN

I have never been good at making pancakes.  In fact, I have always dreaded the thought of cooking them for breakfast.  No matter how hard I tried, I either burn them to a crisp or they are raw in the middle (so gross).  I've never been able to master a happy medium with pancakes! 

This product review/feature was not sponsored or promoted by any company.  This review/feature is being posted on my behalf for the many mom's in the US that could use a helpful cooking product like this.  This product was sent to me, for a Christmas present from my family in Texas.  They purchased this product on their own accord.

Every year, it has been our tradition to make pancakes on Christmas morning to celebrate "Baby Jesus" birth.  Every year, I pray that I can pull off some decent pancakes and most Christmas mornings they are choked down (out of manners & tradition)...but far from perfect.
(He was making pancakes for our Christmas morning celebration in 2014, before the Perfect Pancake Pan, so they would actually be edible for our birthday celebration!)
For Christmas (I think), my parents sent me and the kids "THE PERFECT PANCAKE PAN" .  It made me giggle, because they knew how much I disliked making pancakes!  I'll be honest, I doubted that even a pan that claimed to make "PERFECT PANCAKES" could help me, who can barely make an edible pancake, magically create perfect pancakes.
Kurtis was the brave one, who tried it first.  He is an awesome pancake maker...even on a griddle, but this product makes four pancakes at a time.  He was impressed with the ease this pancake pan brings when "MASS PRODUCING" pancakes for eight of us, especially on busy weekday mornings when we are getting a houseful ready for school.  
In fact, we could probably use a second one, because of how many we have to make!
  And in case you're wondering, all six kids love pancakes for breakfast!
This PANCAKE PAN works!  It really does!  
It legitmentally creates the perfect "silver dollar" sized pancakes everytime!  
It's super easy to clean up after you use it too, which I LOVE too! 
I was overjoyed!  
I was delighted!  
Kurtis and the kids are too!  
We use this Perfect Pancake pan, at least twice a week, to make pancakes for the kid's breakfasts.  
When we make pancakes, we use Kodiak Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix.  
It's healthy, it's hearty, it's naturally sweet and if you put a few chocolate chips in them (my kids and I love chocolate chips), then they don't even need syrup.  Then we feel good about sending the kids off to school with a belly full of hearty goodness!
TRUST ME...buying this perfect pancake pan (ours is looking pretty used, but still works awesome) is well worth the cost (it's under $10 with free shipping on and you're family will be thanking you, as they induldge in plates full of silver dollar sized PERFECT PANCAKES!!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting this feature!  This product was sent to me, free of charge, by my parents as a Christmas present!