Wednesday, October 26, 2016

@Yonanas - Fruit Based Frozen Dessert For The Whole Family

I love dessert!  
ALL kids love dessert!  
Honestly though, we are doing the best we can in raising a healthy blended family, and desserts are typically not very healthy!  That doesn't mean we have to skip dessert, but it does mean we can be smart about what we choose to serve...especially for the kids.  
In fact, one of our kids has "sugar issues" already, so providing a dessert that doesn't have a lot of added sugar is HUGELY IMPORTANT!!

All products for this review/feature were purchased on our own accord!  The company we are featuring had no idea we were going to feature them.  I received NO monetary compensation by posting our honest opinion about this product.
My "soon to be" Mother In Law found YONANAS at Costco for us!  
She was intrigued by it and hoped that it would give us a simple & delicious solution to dessert time in our home, especially for the kids who need to watch their sugar intake.  
That's exactly what it did!
YONANAS takes frozen bananas (they need to be really ripe so they are full of flavor when you freeze them), you can add whatever else you'd like (because the bananas is the base to the frozen treat) and TADA....a bowl full of frozen dessert goodness!
(a bag of frozen bananas...they have to thaw for a couple minutes before use)
This dessert option has been good for us, for several reasons.  
We always have bananas that end up getting almost "over ripe" and the kids won't eat them.  
In fact, NOBODY WILL! 
PROBLEM SOLVED - peel & freeze them to use for Yonanas, so they don't go to waste.  
You basically push the frozen bananas and whatever else you'd like through the YONANAS machine and out comes a creamy frozen fruit dessert unlike anything I've ever tried before!  
IT'S AWESOME and pretty fun to make!
None of us have to feel guilty about eating a HUGE bowl full of frozen fruit...because it's good for us!  Plus, each person can create their own tasty treat...adding chocolate chips, other frozen fruits, caramel, peanut butter or whatever else you can think of.  
Plus, YONANAS comes with some already tried and true recipe combinations to give you some guidance as you try it out.  
It is also dishwasher safe, so washing isn't a hassle either!
I am honestly NOT FOND of fresh bananas by themselves. There is only two ways that I will consume them...frozen in my bowl full of yummy goodness or in a sushi roll (yes, it's the me!)!  Because you add other things into the combination, only the sweetness of the banana comes out in the flavor...not much of the banana flavor itself.

YONANAS can be purchased at lots of different places and it's PRICE is worth the value you'll receive by offering your kids a frozen HEALTHY fruit dessert

CLICK HERE to learn more and see for yourself how easy and tasty this frozen treat can be...for your whole family too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated at all by posting about Yonanas!  I am posting on my own accord about a product purchased for us by my future Mother In Law, that we love using for our family.

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