Monday, October 10, 2016

Not All Water Bottles Are Created Equal - Why We Love @TervisTumbler

Because we are an economical "blending family" who also likes to keep the environment in mind when packing lunches everyday, we decided to purchase "reusable" water bottles to refill daily with filtered water from our fridge, to send in our kid's backpacks to school?  

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company represented! I was not offered any monetary compensation by offering my honest opinion about the products mentioned in this review/feature!
  1. Buying plastic water bottles (the prefilled and throw away kind) is a waste of money and is not good for the environment!
  2. If we use refillable water bottles, we can sometimes mix it up, by sending a juice or something else for them to enjoy with their snack/lunches at school!
The simple fact of the matter is...
We have already had a couple bottles meet the trash can this school year (and we are only a couple months in).  We've also had a water bottle leak all over the inside of a backpack (ruining books and homework) and not all water bottles are dishwasher safe either (which I love), so washing is a hassle.

Have you heard of TERVIS before?  
You probably have seen their products and didn't even realize it!  You may even have some in your cupboards already! Their products are basically carried EVERYWHERE!!  Target has them!  Walmart has them! has them!  Bed, Bath and Beyond has them!  
TERVIS is a brand name that is trusted by more than just our household.
Tervis was awesomely willing to send us six different water bottles/travel mugs for our six, very different children to use for the rest of the school year!  The best thing about this review/feature (in my opinion)...I have no doubt these water bottles will make it through the end of the school year, through the summer months (water bottles are in high demand in our house when it's hot outside) and next school year too.

Why am I so confident?  Well, TERVIS makes quality water bottles, insulated drinking cups, travel mugs and more.  Their products have a reputation for withstanding the tests of time...and if not, they offer a "Made for Life, Built For Life" GUARANTEE!  
How can you go wrong with purchasing one of these bottles?  Seriously?  The initial investment is worth it in the long run!
Plus, as you can see by the looks on our kid's faces, they were thrilled with their selection of Major League Baseball teams (as you can tell we are Dodger Fans), Star Wars, Emoji Themed stuff and even "girlie GIRL POWER" sayings.  They had a little something for everyone to love.
Plus, they can personalize products, like this one was made for my youngest son, with his name on it!  He feels so special!
They offer a "CREATIVE" section on their website, where you can design your own product as well.  The only hiccup we found with the customizer is that you cannot use pictures that are NOT YOURS!  No copywrited pictures, no duplicated from the internet, no logos that you don't own, etc. can be printed on their products.  Our two thirteen year olds found this out the hard way, after spending an hour each on their own personalized design, to find that the pictures they were using could not be printed on a Tervis product.  LIFE LESSONS people!!  You've gotta read all the details before you start designing your product!  LESSON LEARNED!
Our kids love their Tervis water bottles & travel cup!  In fact, I'm sure there are kids at each of their five schools, who have gone home asking their parents to buy them a Tervis Water Bottle for them!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Tervis products, to see their selection of products or to find out where you can purchase!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent from the company directly for this review/feature!

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