Monday, October 24, 2016

@HardCandyLife - Affordable Makeup For All Ages

In a world where we feel like our looks are everything, little girls start YOUNG playing makeup.  My little niece has a "pretend" makeup kit that is as LIFELIKE as can be, without actually being makeup.  She loves to apply her lipstick, her blush and then smile at herself in the mirror when she's all done getting "pretty".  I think it's something that most little girls love to do...

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company being featured!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting about these cosmetic kits that are available at Walmart.

My girls are no exception to this rule!
  They love playing "MAKEUP!"  Whether it's on themselves or on me (yes, I am the test dummy a lot), they are learning how to properly apply things like eyeshadow, eye liner and lipstick.  Some of this stuff takes some time to learn how to put it on right.  I am having our girls wait until they are a "freshman" in high school to actually wear the products "out of the house", but for now, it's fun to practice and learn.

Me personally, I don't wear very much makeup at all.  I guess I'm lucky because I really don't need to!  I throw on some concealer (to hide my under eye bags), some eye liner & mascara and maybe a little blush.  I rarely wear lipstick, unless I am trying to "vamp up" my look!  HA!!  But I do love playing makeup too!  I wish I was better at putting on eyeshadow or could pull off the "winged" eyeliner look!  In fact, this weekend I was in my cousins wedding and I had my first experience with "airbrushed" makeup!  That was pretty awesome!  
So when HARD CANDY COSMETICS sent us to products to try out and tell you about, we (all three of us), were pretty gosh darn excited!!

HARD CANDY COSMETICS can be purchased at Walmart, which means that these cosmetics are affordable for everyone!  They fall in everyone's PRICE RANGE!  Teenagers can purchase these, moms wanting to update their current look and even ladies in their older years that still love trying new products without spending a ton of money doing it.
We received three sets of make up from Hard Candy!  
We got the "Wish For A Kiss" Lipgloss collection!  This comes with six amazing color lipglosses and can be stored in the adorable collectable tin.  Some of the colors seemed a little different (blue and almost black), but because of the sheer nature of the gloss, they are all "wearable" for us!  LOVE IT!!
We got the "Eye Color Collection with Cosmetic Bag".  This comes with two liquid eyeshadows (we had never tried them before) and two eyeliners (white and black).  Our oldest daughter loved them both and felt pretty wonderful wearing them.  
In fact, I might have a struggle getting her to wash it off before we leave the house!  
The colors are super flattering on her!
We also received the "All Glossed Up Lip Stain".  
These look like lipsticks (their applicator), but apply more like gloss?  
The colors were bright and pretty and we both enjoyed our final look!  
What do you think?
OVERALL, we loved all the products we received from Hard Candy!  
These could be easily given as gifts (Christmas or birthday presents) or for every day use, especially because they are so super afforable!  
All of the products featured above range are under $10 and can be purchased at Walmart stores near you!

CLICK HERE to see all that Hard Candy Cosmetics offers!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!