Thursday, September 8, 2016

Let's Go DODGERS - We LOVE Baseball As A Family Sport

As a family that is "blending" together, we are learning to have some of the same interests that we can enjoy together.
One of these interests has definitely become Baseball.  
Why baseball?

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about our family experiences with the Dodgers baseball team.  In fact, all tickets to games, fan gear, etc. was purchased on our own accord.  This post is not sponsored in any way by the Dodgers team or any affiliate!
Well, to start with...we have a little "baller" living in our home.  He would rather spend time outside hitting balls and practicing his pitch than do anything else.  When he isn't outside, he's playing a baseball game on the gaming systems or pretending to bat a ball, just standing in the kitchen.  He practices with his team weekly and at least has one game a week too!  

Baseball has become a way of life, at least for Kurtis and his boys...because of his passion for the game!
Besides the fact that we have a passionate ball player in the home, we also have some major DODGER baseball fans too.  Kurtis and his boys have been Dodgers Fans!  But, for my kids and I...finding a sports team to cheer on and enjoy is a fun way for us all to come together and enjoy something as a family!  It's new to us...but it's FUN!
DODGER BASEBALL has done that for us!
We have had the pleasure of going to a few games at Dodger Stadium...all of which have been SO MUCH FUN!
And we enjoy catching the games on TV, from the comfort of our own living room, when we can't drive to LA to see them live.
Becoming a DODGER fan for me has been easy, since I grew up with a great great Cousin that loved the Dodgers.

She went to SPRING TRAINING in Florida every year, loved to follow all the games on the radio while she put together a puzzle in the living room of her beach front condo, and trust me, she knew her team!  So becoming a DODGER fan almost seemed least for me.  The kids have taken on a passion to liking it on their own.  They love wearing their team tees and they love cheering on their favorite players (our oldest daughter has a bit of a crush on #5, Corey Seager).
I think this DODGER BASEBALL thing is going to be a part of what has essentially given us a great "playing field" for bonding as a family!  
When I used to think about major league baseball, it made me think of a song I sang in a high school choir performance.  I was the "wife" who was not happy baseball season was coming around again... CLICK HERE to see the lyrics to the song I am referring to.  
I am so glad my opinion of baseball has changed!


I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated anything by posting about our new found passion for the Dodgers Baseball team!

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  1. It is so much fun to have a "family" team that you can cheer on together! Great bonding memories.