Friday, September 23, 2016

I DECLARE - My 30's Have Gone Too Fast!

Tomorrow is my *cough* *cough* birthday!  I am not writing this post to get attention for the fact that it's my birthday!  Although...if you want to wish me a happy birthday, I won't deny you your right.  Tomorrow, celebrates the day my tiny little 6 pound body came crying into this world.  I am writing this post to deny the fact that, after tomorrow, I will be two years shy of 40 years old.

I think I'm in shock!  
Maybe it's denial?  
Maybe it's because I honestly don't feel a day older than 25ish?  

So I am making a declaration, right here and NOW:
I'm sure I'm not the first do say it and I know I won't be the last...
"My 30's have gone too fast!"  

In my 20's, I lived through some tough situations.  I had to figure out who I was as a person, a single person living apart from her parents, working full time, finding out I was becoming a mother (unexpectedly), becoming a wife, moving all over the US, getting lost in mommyhood, and the end of my 20's, becoming a mother of 4.

My 30's have been even more interesting with continuing to raise 4 healthy kids, more moving around the country, surviving a major family upheaval (a divorce), finding myself again as a single person, getting into the workforce again, dating (this one was scary), finding an awesome relationship that blossomed to more than I could have imagined, planning a REAL wedding, gaining two extra "bonus" kids, and now turning 38...I'd say I've lived quite a full life so far.

If I could pick a stage of life that I have enjoyed the most, I would say it's been my 30's.  

  • Maybe its because I've matured, gained wisdom and can see things through the eyes of a person making rational decisions...not based off just feelings or experiences. 
  • Maybe it's because, in my 30's, I found myself (my true self) again and it felt so good to be ME!! 
  • Maybe it's because I've really gotten to know my kids, and seen them become individuals who make me proud on a daily basis.  
  • Maybe it's because I met the man I will spend the rest of my life with, watch Grandkids come into the world with, and share moments we will cherish for the lifetime we have here on earth together.  
  • Maybe it's because I've realized that life is short for many and I am blessed to wake up each day with a smile on my face and a beat in my heart!
I'm going to enjoy these last two years of my 30's the best I can!  With a smile on my face, an open heart, plenty of joy to share with others, and moments I will cherish blessing me every single day!  GOD IS GOOD!  I am thankful!  I'm embracing my age with grace and dignity!  I'm older, wiser and feeling better than I ever have!  
Thanks for being good to me 30's!

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  1. Beautifully said, and ps you look like u r in your 20's!!