Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Great Idea For A Blended Family Christmas Present - @KnottsBerryFarm Season Passes

Christmas time can be a rather expensive time of the year, when you're talking about a family of eight.  With six kids ages 8 and up, presents are no longer simple or cheap...especially in the century we live in.  So what can two parents, both on tight budgets, do to provide their kids with a year's worth of "outdoor activity and entertainment"?  

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about these season passes.  The season passes were purchased on our own accord, as Christmas presents last year for our family.  Knotts Berry Farm has in no way sponsored or encouraged this post!

From my past experience, Season Passes to Knotts Berry Farm are both cost effective for large families (especially in comparison to other area theme parks) and offer plenty of entertainment value for the entire year.  
So purchasing tickets for our family of eight for Christmas last year was exactly what we did!  
And so far, it has yet to let us down!  
We can take the kids on our own (depending on our parenting time and how things coordinate) or we can all go as a group together for the short 1 hr drive to Buena Park.  Since we also purchased the year long parking pass, the only expense for the day really is the gas it takes to get there and the food we choose to purchase while we are at the park.

Why Knotts Berry Farm?  There are SO MANY REASONS!

Knotts has been my favorite park since I was little!  It literally has!  I still remember the thrill I would get, waiting in line for Montezuma's Revenge!  Even with the current economy, Knotts has managed to keep their prices low enough that families the size of ours can still come and enjoy!  Unlike other popular theme parks, Knotts Berry Farm Season Passes are under $100 per person.  The parking for the year is I think $55.  They even have meal plans, they have refillable drink cups and even a new picture plan (so you don't miss out on any of the awesome ride pictures you have taken)!
Knotts always has fun shows that they change up seasonally, like their SNOOPY ON ICE show, that we look forward to seeing every summer and their WILD WEST SHOW!
(The Timber Mountain Log Ride is our family favorite!)
They have fun rides that all of the kids love and fun shops all over the park...
And they have LIVE ENTERTAINMENT TOO!  This summer, Ghost Town came ALIVE!!  The kids had a blast roleplaying with the cowboys and villains, helping get a new mayor elected at Town Hall and even earning some GOLD for a job well done!  
We even got to say "pretend nuptials" and received a "faux marriage license". 
Every time you go, it's a difference experience too!  The kids love it!
Knotts Berry Farm has offered our family a fun chance to get out of the house, get some sunshine and spend some quality time together "BONDING"!  They have great food, the boys love the Sarsaparilla and we get plenty of use out of the refillable drink & Slurpee cups! We have been able to make some great memories that I know the kids will cherish forever, because of these passes!  
Knotts Berry Farm has helped us with our "blending"!
We don't have passes to Soak City (their water park), but that may be something we need to invest in for next year.  Especially since they are expanding and making it better than ever!

Are you thinking ahead towards Christmas shopping?  
Let me be the first to tell you that Knotts Berry Farm Season passes are the perfect gift for a family (especially if you live in the So. Cal area).  You'll get your money's worth and the experiences you will have, will more than pay for the ticket price.  
Don't take my word for it...go buy your passes now!!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about our experience with the Knotts Berry Farm Passes.  The Knotts passes I am referring to, were purchased on our own accord!

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