Sunday, September 11, 2016


15 years ago today, I received a wake up call (literally) that rocked my entire world (but not nearly as much as those who were directly involved)!  I was soundly sleeping in my apartment with my newborn baby boy (born August 31st).  My fiancee was "out to sea" in the Navy for ins and outs, so we were enjoying some much needed sleep!  My mom was on the other end of the phone, absolutely hysterical!  Through the foggy & fuzzy early morning focus, I heard her sobbing words loud and clear, "Turn on the TV!"  
"The World Trade Center has been attacked!"  
"Oh my goodness!"  

Immediately, I hopped out of the bed, turned the TV on and found myself not only scared to death, super sad & mourning for those who lost their lives, but also totally shocked by it all!   I could not get over the devastation of that day!  So many people lost loved ones in this horrible tragedy!  This act of terrorism would also keep my "soon to be" husband from being a part of his first son's first 6 months of life because his ship was almost immediately deployed and the war was in FULL SWING!  They were allowed to come home, put their things in storage and then they were sent out to defend our country!

I will NEVER forget that morning...or that day!  I will never forget about all those innocent lives that were lost out of such a horrible & horrendous act of terrorism.  I will never forget all the heros too, that risked and even lost their lives trying to save the lives of others!

It has been a LONG 15 years for many, many military families, whose loved ones have been deployed more than once and many who have lost a loved one fighting in the war!  I'm sure it's been equally as long to those who have still been mourning the loss from that day.  It's devastating and frustrating to me, that the world has to be in such turmoil!  

A special THANK YOU to those who have served, are serving or who will serve in the future to keep our country safe and free!

I ask that you stop today, for a moment of silence at some point, to reflect on this time 15 years ago and how it has impacted you and your life.  Not only with security in the airports, but I am sure your life has been touched in some way or another by this tragedy and act of terrorism!

It's hard to believe that this is now being noted in HISTORY books!
HISTORY...15 years has come and gone so quickly...but the impact of that day lives on still...

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